In the past 4 years, Blazers Basketball Club advanced its position as the premier Basketball Club in the area, competing in the highest level tournaments in New England, and winning more than 50 tournament championships. In many grades, we have the strongest program West of Boston, winning 4 State Championships during this time. And while we're thrilled with our tournament successes, we're most proud of the unique program experience and progressive teaching methods we provide to our players. Learn more about our program by reading below and checking out our testimonials page.

What makes us unique? Read testimonials from MORE THAN 40 PARENTS!

Blazers Shooting Academy
After honing our Shooting Program over the past 5 years (working with more than 400 local players), we've formally established the Blazers Shooting Academy. Players that play on one of our Club Teams are eligible to join the Academy. We work with Academy players on improving their mechanics, mental focus, and confidence. The game has changed and being a consistently strong perimeter shooter is a game-changer for a player. We're thrilled to be driving the development of the next generation of elite shooters! Learn more at tryouts!


SPRING 2023 SCHEDULE: Almost all of our Club Team players also play at least one outdoor Spring sport, so we "front load" our spring program schedule, doing most of it during the "mud season", to enable our players to also participate in other spring sports. Practices will start during the week of March 13th (at the conclusion of the travel basketball season) and there will be no practices during the week of April Vacation. For most of our teams, the season wraps up on the weekend before Memorial Day weekend, generally as it becomes enjoyable to play/watch outdoor spring sports, while a few of our top teams will continue to play into June (including the Nationals tournament).

SPRING 2023 PROGRAM OPTIONS: Based on our experience, we've created a few different club team options that consider families' schedules and where basketball stands on a player's list of sports priorities. You'll find some detail for these options on the registration form where you'll specify your preferred option, but here's a summary:

Tournament Teams: These teams play tournaments/games against other club teams. Each team will have 2 team practices per week, as well as games on 6-7 weekends from the end of March until mid May. Generally there are 2-4 games per weekend that are all within driving distance (generally 20-45 minutes and rarely over 1hr). Pricing is roughly $775 - $875 based on team level and extent of schedule. The practice schedule and pricing for each team will be defined in offers.
Trail Blazers Teams: This is becoming a very popular program as Trail Blazers teams play "in-house" games that provide schedule certainty for both practices/games. Teams will have 2 sessions each week at the same times each week, including about 12 hours of practice time and 8-9 games. The fee for Trail Blazers team players is generally about 2/3 that of a tournament team player. The practice/game schedule and pricing for each team will be defined in offers. Trail Blazers players need to attend tryouts and team availability/formation is based on the number of players in each gender/grade that try out.
Practice Players: For players that want to practice with a tournament team but will not be available to attend weekend tournament games. This arrangement would be finalized once it's clear the scheduled practice days will work for the player. The fee for a practice player is generally about 2/3 that of a regular player on that tournament team.


SPRING 2023 MAKEUP TRYOUT SCHEDULE: (Revised Schedule as of 2/21)

We have select spots available across some of the grades/teams. We encourage you to register for a tryout and let us know which of the program options above you are interested in!
We will review registrations daily and let you know if it makes sense for you to come to a makeup tryout (based on your grade, option selected, etc.)

All Tryouts will be held at The Fay School in Southborough (23 Middle Rd, Southborough). Tentative schedule is as follows:**

For Available Spots in Boys Grades 3-11**:
Boys Grades 3-5*: Monday 2/27 5:45-7:00pm (Makeup Tryout)
Boys Grade 6-11: Monday 2/27 7:00-8:15pm (Makeup Tryout)

For Available Spots in Girls Grades 3-9**:
Girls Grade 3-7*: Monday 2/27 5:45-7:00pm (Makeup Tryout)
Girls Grades 8-9: Monday 2/27 7:00-8:15pm (Makeup Tryout)

* Advanced 3rd Grade players that can comfortably play with 4th grade travel players may try out for our 4th grade program
** Within a few days of the tryout, we'll email the final times (sometimes tweaks are made based on the number of players in each tryout group).

Tryout Fee: $30

Can't Make Tryouts on these dates? For those players who are interested in trying out, but are out of the area on these tryout dates, please contact us at



Come to Play D...and put WE over ME

We have both a Fall and Spring AAU/Club Team offering.  We're passionate about delivering a high quality Club experience, and our primary focus is to remain the area's premier Club program.  At the heart we are innovators, not content with the status quo of club basketball in this area.  We have developed a unique Club Team model, including a skill curriculum focus and progressive teaching methods that allow us to deliver a better player experience and more skill development. We participate in tournaments that challenge our players/team, including both AAU and non-AAU sanctioned tournaments.

Our Skill Development Philosophy:
We have a strong focus on developing fundamental skills in our players, and prepare them to go into a game ready to play smart and team oriented basketball. We love helping players see how fun and effective this style of basketball can be. To accomplish these goals, we leverage the youth basketball skill development model and curriculum that we have developed over the last 10 years. Unlike many clubs, we remain focused on helping our players develop the core skills and mental approach that will help them in the long run, and we look to minimize time spent on tactics that many clubs focus on so their unskilled players (that lack fundamentals) can win a game this weekend.

More than Just Basketball:
While we are proud of the skill development we see in our players, we are very aware that our mission extends beyond basketball. We recognize that we have an opportunity, and responsibility, to have a positive influence on the character development and maturation of the club players that participate in our program for several years. As an example, we use group volunteering to teach the value of giving back to the community (hopefully you can see some pictures on this page of several volunteering events).

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"We just wanted to tell you that we had an incredible time helping out with the Special Olympics games this morning.  It was an exceptional experience for our son and I. To watch him cheer the teams on, really warmed my heart. Thank you for getting the kids involved in such an unique event and we are so proud to be a part of this organization.

B. - parent from Westborough