A DEEP FOCUS ON SKILL DEVELOPMENT: For more than 10 years, Blazers Skills Academy has been developing innovative methods to help players build a full range of basketball skills...while improving their agility, strength, and conditioning. We're the only club in the area that's developed...and continually improves...an age-based skill curriculum for youth basketball. Aspects of this curriculum are used by youth organizations throughout the U.S. as part of our alphaBASKETBALL Coaching Material service. In 2017 we launched a Shooting Academy for local players that leverages our proprietary shot analysis and teaching methods - to date more than 500 local players have received a personalized video analysis and recommendation as part of this unique program. Today, our Skills Academy continues to offer a range of local programs, including our Mud Season Program for beginners, Skills Challenges, and a Holiday Jamboree. Quantum, our flagship skills program, was launched in 2023.

THE QUANTUM SKILLS/SHOOTING PROGRAM: The Quantum Skills/Shooting Program is the culmination of our ten years of innovating methods to optimize skill development...and our learnings regarding the best approach to engage players in the ownership of their skill development, goals and results. Quantum offers the areas most professional and personalized approach to skill development, addressing the #1 challenge facing today's "youth basketball generation" - an environment with a complete imbalance of focus: far too little deep/focused skill development...and far too many games - many of which are lacking in fundamental skills. The Quantum program leverages many of the individual skill development methods and in-season/off-season approaches used with elite and professional players...offered to local youth basketball players at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional shooting and skills coach. Quantum's unique approach has created the area's premiere skill development program - for both basketball skills and agility/strength/conditioning. Quantum drives quantifiable skill improvements, and in many cases "Quantum Leaps", in the skills of the players that participate (see testimonials below). Personalized workouts and skills challenges make skill development fun for players and help them develop more confidence, all while learning the value of hard work. Developing elite Shooting Mechanics is a core component of the Quantum Skills Program - our Shooting Academy is now part of the Quantum program. Each Quantum player is assigned a Shooting Coach for the year. Please see below for more information about our unique approach to developing elite shooters.

Four Skill Periods: To maximize skill development, we work with players in 4 distinct "skill periods" throughout the year: Early Summer, Late Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each skill period has a specific focus that is ideal for that time of year, and the intensity level varies based on the season (consistent with the time a player has available). For example, for most players the Early Summer period has an intense focus on shooting mechanics, while the Winter Skill period is more casual and a chance for players to "check-in" and workout once a week with their Shooting Coach and Skills Coaches (given they have schoolwork and school/travel team commitments in the Winter).

How Can a Player Join Quantum? Quantum is available as part of our Discounted Annual Club Membership, which is an option for our Club Team players (those playing on a Tournament Team or In-House/Trail Blazers Team in the Fall and/or Spring). Pending sufficient capacity to support more players in the Quantum Program, players that receive an offer to join a Club Team may have the option to join the Discounted Annual Club Membership, and as part of that would participate in the Quantum Program. To learn more about the Quantum Program/Discounted Annual Club Membership, and hear from parents of players that are currently participating, please come to an upcoming tryout where we will provide an overview of the program and answer any questions you have. Click HERE for more information on upcoming tryouts.

Quantum Testimonials:

There hasn’t been a basketball program as progressive and productive that we’ve found anywhere. We love everything about it - from the personalized shooting recommendations to the improvement in confidence and basketball IQ........from A. (parent in Hopkinton)

Being able to measure his improvement has only made him more excited to get on the court. Individual attention over an extended period from someone they trust is an innovative approach to developing skills........from R. (parent in Milford)

The personalized approach has really helped motivate my daughter to focus and work hard…it has helped her grow as a shooter more in a month than she did all year playing for the town travel team........from A. (parent in Ashland)

The amount of improvement in my daughter's game since the end of spring has been remarkable. This has given her a clear path and the demonstrable early success has her totally buying in........from M. (parent in Sterling)

He has a huge sense of accomplishment and is now able to tie hard work to success. The personalized approach has made all the difference........from M. (parent in Grafton)

The program has kept my son away from electronics all summer and is getting him to go out more with motivation and practice for hours a day........from D. (parent in Westborough)

Having an evaluation of her form and coaching to help identify specific things to work on each week all made a big difference...the program is definitely innovative........from D. (parent in Ashland)

She is taking responsibility to get the work in and for her success. She thinks the coaches are all nice and very helpful. They care about her success and growth as a player........from M. (parent in Sudbury)

Thank you for running a very impressive skills program this summer and fall. She learned so much and greatly improved her basketball skills........from S. (parent in Ashland)

OUR FOCUS ON DEVELOPING ELITE SHOOTERS:  It's clear that the game has evolved and that perimeter shooting has become the strategic weapon! Being a consistently strong shooter can make the game of basketball a LOT of fun for a very long time...and can open up opportunities for players as this skill can be the difference between making a team...or not...and between playing regular minutes...or not. But the reality is that becoming a great shooter is not easy. A player needs the correct instruction on hand positioning, footwork, rhythm, arc, and other aspects of shooting....and then needs very focused practice and feedback in order to "burn in" good shooting form. Given this, few youth players have a consistent shot. Unfortunately most team coaches don't have nearly enough expertise or practice time to be able to effectively focus on developing good shooting form in an age appropriate way...and they are usually working with players in-season which is the absolute worst time for a player to attempt to make changes to their shooting mechanics.

For more than 6 years, we've developed and have been refining a teaching method and shooting program that instills sound foundational mechanics in young players and has delivered quantifiable improvements in shooting performance in the local players that have participated. Our shooting programs leverage our proprietary shot analysis and teaching methods, including a personalized video analysis of a player's mechanics. Players are taught the keys to being a consistently strong shooter, what they are doing today, and what they need to work on to improve their shot. We have done a custom video analysis and recommendation for more than 500 local players. The program is extremely valuable for youth basketball players, most of which have developed some bad habits and "negative muscle memory" without proper instruction.

YOUTH LEAGUE HOSTED SHOOTING PROGRAM: For youth basketball organizations that are interested in improving the shooting proficiency of their players, we will be offering a limited number of organizations an opportunity to host a 2 hour shooting programs in their local gym. Youth league directors that are interested can contact us at info@blazersbasketballclub.com for more information.