"We have been through two other local AAU clubs over the past three years and without a doubt the Blazers outshines all of them.  The quality of the coaching, the film sessions, the strength and conditioning, and the attitude and character development piece for the kids are all truly outstanding.   I cannot say enough about the positive experience we have had as parents and C..... has had as a Blazers player.  C..... grew notably this season in his skills, speed and strength, confidence and love of the game. Again, I cannot express enough how great this season was for him.  The Blazers is a class act. No doubt you will continue to stand out among the masses of other clubs. Thank you for genuine interest in the players this season."

L...... and T......, parents from Holliston

"B..... enjoyed every minute of being part of the Blazers!!!"

K..... and J....., parents from Southborough

"C..... thoroughly enjoyed playing for the Blazers.  He loved going to practices, games and everything in between. He would come home from practice and would not stop talking about the drills that they did, and how all the coaches improved his skills."

K..... and J....., parents from Hopkinton

"He has never complained once about going to a practice which is a 1st.  He enjoyed the coaches...all very positive."

E....., parent from Sherborn

"My son has had an amazing season.  The coaches have been incredible... teaching him skill - but more important, teamwork and discipline.  N..... is already asking about the fall season."

J....., parent from Framingham

"A..... loves playing on his team and has had a wonderful experience with the Blazers...Most boys are visual learners at this age so seeing themselves on film certainly helps speed up the learning process."

J....., parent from Westborough

"We are very impressed with this program. The coaches are very supportive and understand that this program is a learning experience vs a "winning" experience."

J....., parent from Northborough

"I was so impressed at how well the practices ran, and how many different skills that the practices touched base on. I have seen tremendous improvement not only in my sons abilities, but in the abilities of his teammates as well.  His coach was always positive and showed good sportsmanship and grace under pressure. This season with the Blazers has been one of the best experiences that my son and I have ever had in regards to any sport."

L....., parent from Holliston

"B..... told me "I love the coaches they pushed me really hard to be the best player I could be." Pretty good coming from a 9 year old. It is very well run!"

T....., parent from Southborough

"I liked [the strength and conditioning] a lot because it was hard and really pushed me to the limit and I liked it to feel strong and see what I could do."

C....., player from Hopkinton

"I like the camaraderie among the boys and the tactics used to grow them as individuals outside of basketball."

T....., parent from Westborough

"Watching him play lacrosse this spring, we absolutely see a difference in his conditioning and endurance. We credit that to the Blazers. E..... absolutely benefited from being on the Blazers.  Getting a group of fourth-graders to watch a film session is brilliant from both an athletic and an educational developmental perspective. It is this type of outside the box teaching and thinking that we believe makes the Blazers a great program. Our two boys have played other club sports and none of those clubs took instruction to this next level."

C..... and A....., parents from Hopkinton

"The program was really good for A.....'s confidence and skill development...His skill level is still developing but I have seen tremendous improvement from last year. He loves the coaching."

K....., parent from Southborough

"D..... has enjoyed this year immensely. His skills have improved especially in the area of shooting. He has looked forward to going to practice and the tournaments."

B....., parent from Westborough

"Other parents commented on the quality of the club and how well you run things in comparison to others. I think the conditioning component is really important and the practices were well run."

A....., parent from Hopkinton

"I have noticed a huge improvement in his skills and especially in his understanding of the game. He had a great time and said "J.....and I are so much better now, we are going to dominate in travel next year!" Thanks for a great season."

J....., parent from Northborough

"His Coach’s passion, enthusiasm and positive attitude have defined the experience for B..... and his teammates. The communications are always thorough and on point."

P....., parent from Westborough

"He enjoyed all aspects of the program including his coach, his teammates, the strength & conditioning sessions, and the film sessions."

M....., parent from Hopkinton

"The practices were productive and well run, especially the strength and conditioning."

A..... and A....., parents from Framingham

"The character development was my favorite thing that you implemented. I do not remember this being part of other camps/clinics/seasons. Building confidence & self-esteem is CRITICAL!"

K....., parent from Hopkinton

"I truly can't thank you enough for what your program has done for N..... I watched not only N..... but the whole team improve tremendously and I was very impressed.  What a great bunch of friendly families to interact with just a great atmosphere. A perfect score of a 10 in my opinion."

J....., parent from Holliston

"S..... enjoyed the season this year and he definitely improved. Those are the two most important things I am looking for."

J....., parent from Westborough

"Our son has REALLY enjoyed playing with the Blazers this season....he has been lobbying hard to keep practicing his free throws to prepare for this week!"

D....., parent from Framingham

"D..... learned a lot about the game and he always looked forward to practice which pleased us."

M..... and A....., parents from Westborough

"T..... found this to be a great experience and really enjoyed everything about the season.  He really grew as a player and as a person and enjoyed his teammates."

E....., parent from Sherborn

"Everything about the program was positive for G..... He was always eager to attend practice and would express what a great learning experience it was for him. Thanks for a great season!"

S....., parent from Southborough

"Both of my boys enjoyed the program thoroughly. Both of their coaches are AWESOME. They are calm, positive, fun, and their love and knowledge of the game is evidenced throughout practice and game experiences."

D....., parent from Holliston


"A..... loved the spring basketball program."

M....., parent from Westborough

"I just wanted to let you know how much E.... enjoyed this week at Camp! He is definitely tired in a good way and is taking away a lot of skills to improve his game."

N....., parent from Marlborough

"Thanks so much for a great Blazers spring program.  R..... absolutely loved it! It was the perfect mix of competitive play and skill work that my son wanted and needed. The town basketball season is so short, and Blazers was a great extension for players who want more time on the court."

J....., parent from Shrewsbury

"R..... enjoyed the mud season pickup basketball program. It was a great opportunity to get some more basketball time with his friends."

C....., parent from Northborough