Blazers Basketball Club is an AAU Club in Massachusetts and the brand for the local basketball programs offered by Alpha Youth Sports, including skills programs/clinics, summer camps, off season leagues, and AAU/Club teams.  Founded by John LaMalva in 2011 in Southborough MA, Alpha Youth Sports is an innovator in youth sports, both locally with the Blazers Club, and nationally with its suite of digital services that support volunteer driven youth leagues in more than 30 states.   We are at the forefront of developing teaching methods that accelerate skill development in young players, and leverage these methods in all of our local programs.

Blazers Basketball Club - Our Story

After seeing AAU/Club Basketball as a parent for a few years (through his son's experience), Coach LaMalva, like many parents, was disappointed with the historical AAU/Club model.  Just as he set out to drive improvements in how parent coaches are prepared to teach fundamentals in the thousands of community youth basketball organizations nationally (see Alpha Youth Sports below), Coach LaMalva also decided to create a Club Basketball model that would improve both skill development and the player experience.

The Blazers model has delivered on this promise, driving accelerated skill development to more than 500  players annually through its array of programs.  We are proud of the results to date and all of the positive feedback from parents and players  (we encourage you to see some of this feedback on our Testimonials page).  We are driven by a genuine passion for offering the area's premier programs, and are committed to continually improving these programs so we can help local players grow and achieve their goals...both on the court and off.

About Alpha Youth Sports

Founded in 2011, Alpha Youth Sports, Inc. provides services to youth organizations that use parent and other volunteer coaches.  We pioneered the concept of a “Digital Coaching Platform”, which addresses the #1 challenge youth organizations face: Recruiting and Preparing Volunteer Coaches.  Our first two coaching platforms (alphaBASKETBALL, alphaSOCCER) currently support youth leagues in more than 30 states, and we now offer general youth coach training and evaluation services. We continue to expand the range of services we offer that support the needs of volunteer driven youth leagues, and plan to launch coaching platforms for several other team sports.  Our solutions are helping youth organizations offer better programs to their community and achieve their stated mission.

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