Feb Vacation Shooting Program:  2/20-2/22

April Vacation Basketball Camp:  4/17-4/20

Summer Camps:  July 16-19 and August 6-9

Fall Skills Factory:  Every Monday or Tuesday from 9/10 to 11/06

Feb Vacation Shooting Program: 2/20-2/22

Over the past few years, we've developed and refined a teaching method and shooting program that instills sound foundational mechanics in young players (this teaching method is now now used by over 100 youth leagues throughout the U.S. that use our digital coaching platform). In the past year we've developed an in-depth program for local players that leverages our proprietary shot analysis and teaching method, along with both video analysis and arc analysis technologies. This unique program has been very well received as it helps players understand the keys to being a consistently strong shooter, what they are doing today, and what they need to work on to improve their shot. This program is extremely valuable for young players, most of which have developed some bad habits and "negative muscle memory" attempting to shoot from too great a distance at a 10 ft rim.

April Vacation Basketball Camp: 4/17-4/20

Our camps are designed to help players develop sound fundamentals, in an uptempo and competitive setting that they enjoy. Each program is designed to support the specific needs of the targeted age group, and leverages the skill development model we've developed for youth leagues in more than 30 states. We ensure players understand the proper mechanics for all of the core skills, and then work with them to incrementally develop the ability to execute these skills in game-like competitive situations. We often incorporate a strength and conditioning component to our programs, helping players understand the importance of fitness in all the sports they well as to a healthy lifestyle.

2018 Blazers Summer Basketball Camps: 7/16-7/19 and 8/6-8/9

For children entering 3rd-10th Grade in the Fall of 2018 UNIQUE PROGRAM: Local players will be able to take advantage of our years of focus on researching/creating/testing the most effective methods for developing skills in young players. In addition to lots of fundamental skill work, we will also include a focus on Strength, Speed, Endurance, Coordination, and Flexibility - including an educational component so players understand these concepts and how important they are for any sport...and for a healthy life. We will also have skills challenges and the players will have plenty of opportunity to scrimmage.

Blazers Academy - Fall Pre-Season "Skills Factory": 9/10-11/6

Monday or Tuesday nights September 10 to November 6 An uptempo 8 week skills program for Boys and Girls in Grades 3-10 The "Skills Factory" is a VERY uptempo skill development program that includes a comprehensive basketball skills program, as well as a focus on agility, strength, and conditioning. Each session includes 80 minutes of basketball skills stations, followed by 20 minutes of Strength & Conditioning work, and then an optional 20 minute Scrimmage. Players will get lots of individual skill development work, including form shooting work, game intensity shooting drills, ballhandling, defense and rebounding, drills to work on moves and finishing, and lots more. Reps, Reps, and more Reps! Program Dates: Players can choose either Monday or Tuesday nights starting the week of September 10th. There will be 8 sessions. Last year several players did both nights!

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Skills Factory Video from Alpha Youth Sports on Vimeo.

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