April Vacation Basketball Clinic

4/20 - 4/22 (for Boys and Girls in Grades 3-10)

Our camps offer a unique combination of on court skill development, skills challenges, education, and game play.....creating an uptempo environment where players have a blast improving both their physical skills and Basketball IQ. Our camp program:

  • leverages the curriculum we've developed for youth leagues in more than 30 states to help players develop sound fundamentals, focusing on skills that are the most critical for their age and current ability
  • ensures players understand the proper mechanics for all of the core skills, and then use progressions of drills/games, challenges, and game play to create the competitive situations that accelerate skill development and make improving fun
  • uses video and group discussions to help reinforce teachings for both individual skills and game strategy
  • often incorporates a strength and conditioning component to help players understand the importance of fitness in all the sports they play...as well as to a healthy lifestyle
  • Schedule: 4/20 - 4/22 (Tues-Thurs) 9:00 am - 3 pm
    Cost: $255
    Location: ForeKicks Marlborough


    SAVE THE DATE: 2021 Summer Basketball Camps:

    (for Boys and Girls in Grades 3-10)
    We expect to start registering for the following Camps shortly so please SAVE THE DATE:
  • Blazers Summer Camp 1: July 19th-22nd
  • Blazers Summer Camp 2: August 2nd-5th
  • Blazers Summer Camp 3: August 16th-19th

  • SAVE THE DATE: 2021 Blazers SELECT Camps:

    (for qualified Boys entering Grades 7-10 in September)
    This camp is exclusively for competitive players, and is targeted at boys who played on a high school team, middle school team, or competitive travel team this past winter. By focusing this camp solely on competitive players, we can provide a very unique camp experience that offers all the benefits of our general camps (see above), but with more challenging competition, more advanced teachings/concepts, higher intensity drills, and more competitive games/scrimmages. The camp is only open to competitive players who will be in Grades 7-10 in September. We expect to create a few subgroups within the camp so players are working with and competing against other competitive players of similar age. Please see the full qualification requirements via the registration link.
    We expect to start registering for the following Camps shortly so please SAVE THE DATE:
  • Blazers SELECT Camp 1: July 19th-22nd
  • Blazers SELECT Camp 2: August 2nd-5th
  • Blazers SELECT Camp 3: August 16th-19th

    ALL PLAYERS NEED TO HAVE A MASK ON AT ALL TIMES, from when they leave their car until they get back in their car, only pulling it down when drinking water (and 6ft from anyone else while doing so).

    Protocols for Players/Families at Home:
    - Parents are being asked to be especially vigilant to monitor players and anyone else in the family unit for potential symptoms. The CDC has an updated list of symptoms at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html. Note: they also have a nice interactive “Coronavirus Self-Checker” available on this page which walks you through a series of questions.
    - If a member of the family unit (including the player) or anyone they have come in contact with has tested positive for COVID-19, the player must stay home and the club must be notified immediately via email
    - As both parents and children are increasing their interactions with others, obviously everyone needs to be smart about protecting friends and family members that are at higher risk (older people, those with reduced immune systems, etc.) by avoiding direct or indirect contact with those higher risk individuals.
    - Prior to every session, parents must to do the following:
    A) Take the player's temperature. If it is more than 100.4, the player should stay home and the club must be notified.
    B) Check the player for any of the following symptoms. If the player has any, they should stay home and the club must be notified.
    Fever or chills
    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    Muscle or body aches
    New loss of taste or smell
    Sore throat
    Congestion or runny nose
    Nausea or vomiting
    C) Review the suggested “Practice Behaviors” with the player (see below regarding coughing, sneezing, mouthguards, etc.)
    - Players should go to the bathroom before practice (to minimize need to use a shared bathroom)

    Protocols for Players/Coaches when on the Court:
    - We will have a sanitizing station at each session with hand sanitizer/paper towels (one player at a time, 6 ft distancing). The Shrewsbury Club will be taking everyone's temperature when they come in (those over 100.4 will not be allowed in) and everyone will be encouraged to use the hand sanitizer at the front entrance.
    - Players, coaches, and anyone involved in the session must wear a mask at all times
    - Players should bring an inflated basketball (cleansed/sanitized before leaving home and upon return). Players should bring plenty of water in water bottles that are CLEARLY marked with their name on them. Players should bring all of their belongings in a bag.
    - Players will be required to place their bag/belongings in such a way to ensure they are 6ft apart from other players' belongings.
    - Players will be reminded of appropriate "Practice Behaviors", including not removing masks to cough/sneeze (with trip to sanitizing station immediately after as needed)
    - Mouthguards will be highly discouraged (unless medically necessary). If a player must wear a mouthguard, they will be reminded not to touch it with their hands after being placed in their mouth. If they do, a trip to the sanitizing station will be required immediately.
    - Parents will be required to remain outside of any practice facility, and should follow state guidelines (wear mask, maintain physical distancing, avoid high-touch surfaces, etc.).
    - The facility we are renting may have additional safety protocols that we will be required to adhere to

    Keep in mind these protocols may be adjusted based on new guidance from the state, local authorities, or the facilities we are using.