Being a consistently strong shooter can make the game of basketball a LOT of fun for a very long time...and it's clear that the game has evolved and that perimeter shooting has become the strategic weapon! This change has opened up lots of opportunities for players that can become consistently strong shooters. But the reality is that becoming a better shooter is not easy. A player needs the correct instruction on hand positioning, footwork, rhythm, arc, and other aspects of shooting....and then needs very focused practice and feedback in order to "burn in" good shooting form. Given this, few youth players have a consistent shot. Unfortunately most youth coaches don't have nearly enough expertise or practice time to be able to effectively focus on developing good shooting form in a way that is age appropriate and leverages teaching methods that are effective with the age group they are working with. This promises to be a valuable yet really fun program - we hope your son or daughter can make it!

Schedule: Spring 2020 Sessions TBA
Location: TBA
Cost: TBA

ABOUT OUR SHOOTING PROGRAM: Over the past 5 years, we've developed and have been refining a teaching method and shooting program that instills sound foundational mechanics in young players (this teaching method is now now used by over 100 youth leagues throughout the U.S. that use our digital coaching platform). In 2017 we created an in-depth program for local players that leverages our proprietary shot analysis and teaching method, along with both video analysis and arc analysis technologies. This unique program has been very well received as it helps players understand the keys to being a consistently strong shooter, what they are doing today, and what they need to work on to improve their shot. We have done a custom video analysis and recommendation for more than 300 local players, and continue to evolve this market leading program. The program is extremely valuable for young players, most of which have developed some bad habits and "negative muscle memory" attempting to shoot from too great a distance at a 10 ft rim.
YOUTH LEAGUE HOSTED SHOOTING PROGRAM: For youth basketball organizations that are interested in improving the shooting proficiency of their players, we will be offering a limited number of organizations an opportunity to host one of our 2-2.5 hour shooting programs in their local gym. Youth league directors that are interested can contact us at for more information.