Upcoming Shooting Programs:

Our Next Shooting Local Shooting Program is:  To Be Announced 

Youth League Hosted Shooting Program: For Massachusetts youth basketball organizations that are interested in improving the shooting proficiency of their players, we will be offering a limited number of leagues an opportunity to host one of our 2.5 hour shooting programs in their local gym. Youth league directors that are interested can contact us at info@blazersbasketballclub.com for more information.

Shooting Program Overview:

While being a consistently strong shooter makes the game of basketball a LOT of fun for a very long time, the reality is that becoming a better shooter isn't easy.  A player needs the correct instruction on hand positioning, footwork, rhythm, arc, and other aspects of shooting....and then needs very focused practice and feedback in order to "burn in" good shooting form.  Traditional teaching methods have failed to instill sound shooting mechanics in young players, as they simply don't address the typical/natural flaws that players develop when they first begin to play the game (and attempt to shoot from too great a distance at a rim that is generally too high for them!). While the advent of the 3 point arc has made the adult game more exciting to watch, it has actually compounded the above problem as players are now even more motivated to shoot from distances they simply aren't ready for. In the end, very few middle school and elementary school players have a consistent shot as they simply don't get enough sound instruction and focused practice...and unfortunately most youth coaches don't have nearly enough practice time to be able to effectively focus on developing good shooting form.

To address this reality, we've created a youth basketball shooting "center of excellence" to help players develop sound shooting mechanics that will enable them to achieve their future basketball goals. We have developed and have been refining a teaching method and shooting program that supports the full spectrum of youth basketball players, from instilling sound foundational mechanics in the youngest of players...all the way to refining mechanics and developing proficiency in several shot types/scenarios in high school players. Our early stage teaching method is now used by over 100 youth leagues throughout the U.S., and we have developed a number of in-depth programs for local players.

We now offer a variety of local shooting programs throughout the year, including single day programs (generally 2.5 - 3 hours) and multi-day "shooting camps". We use a number of proprietary shot analysis and teaching methods that we've developed over the years, along with video analysis and arc analysis technologies, to help players understand the keys to being a consistently strong shooter, what they are doing today, and what they need to work on to improve their shot. Our programs combine sound instruction, plenty of practice, and a variety of shooting challenges and competitions that make it fun for players to improve their shot.